New Innovation Ultrasonic Humidifiers Portable Mini Air Humidifier With Unlimited Water Capacity

Short Description:

Model Number LJ-H001
Color White, Pink, Green
Material ABS
Product Size 10*10*3.5 CM
Water capacity Unlimited
Charging Time 2-3 Hours
Working time 5 Hours
Battery 1200mAh
Spray Output 30-40ML/H

Product Detail

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How to use

1.Long press power button for 1.5s to turn it on, start spraying continuously, will turn off automatically after 3 hour continuous working
2. Short press power button once, to start intermittent spray(spray for 3s and stop for 3s), will work 6 hours. Short press again to turn off the humidifier
3. Charging with usb cable, charging time about 2-3 hours. Led indicator is red when charging, and will be off after fully charged
4. It can work continuously for about 5 hours after a full charge.


1. Water Capacity: Its unlimited and changeable. You can use a bottle with capacity 300ml, 500ml, 1L or 2L, etc
2. Its workable with all bottles in market and all bottles from all countries
3. Benefit: Refresh skin, keep skin healthy and moist
Humidify the air in the room, refreshes the quality of air we breathe. Neutralize static, reduce infection of skin.
4. Built in rechargeable lithium battery, work wirelessly, no cable or plug needed
5. 2 working mode: Continuous spray mode, 3-hour automatic shutdown
Intermittent spray mode, 6-hour automatic shutdown

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